Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to live with tinnitus

It is not true that there is no treatment for tinnitus. Occasionally, the cause of tinnitus can be treated.
For instance, if the noise in the ears is caused by a middle ear infection, antibiotics may solve the problem.
Here is some simple advice which can help the patient cope with the constant noise of tinnitus:
  • Learn to relax. Relaxation techniques can be of great benefit.
  • Try to keep your mind occupied with work or hobbies.
  • Try not to think of your tinnitus.
  • Lower the intake of caffeine - so do not drink too much coffee, tea or cola.
  • Maintain a good sleeping pattern - do not sleep during the day.
  • Be aware of noise levels.


vito said...

I drunk too much coffee. Smoke too many cygarettes in the latest 3 days, and I was never used to smoke. My sleeping pattern is very messy: from 3am to 1pm.
Now I got my pulsatile tinnitus: but I 'd call it a message from my body that I cannot keep on living like that!
Thanks for the information you provided!!!

Samual James said...

The solution you have provided is really beneficial for people suffering from Ohrensausen and thus its really helpful for people reading your post. Thanks a lot for that.

Kenneth Gibbons L.L.C. said...

This is a Great Blog!

I started having tinnitus about 2 years ago. It is under control and have been able to tune it out. However, I took it as a warning sign and lost weight.

Kenneth Gibbons LLC

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