Thursday, March 16, 2006

Taming Beasts

Please feel free to post your comments in this Blog. I have received many mails from Tinnitus sufferers who feel they have been let down by common medicine. This matter is quite contraversial as I have been pounded by some of the "so called" Tinnitus experts who dont agree with my own approach to coming to terms with Tinnitus.

Had I listened and acted on all medical advice given to me by countless specialists, I probably wouldnt dare leave my house. A Chiropractic advised me to wear a plastic support splint around my waste to prevent spinal problems. I would be wearing a contraption with bars, rods and springs and screws designed by an orthodontic specialist that is bolted to my jaw and looks like something out of a star wars movie. The hearing aid which the insurance pays for resembles a pair of mickey mouse head phones. I would be on sleeping tabletts and diazapam. One doctor wants to treat me with BOTOX . Just one look at the side effects from BOTOX was enough to frighten me for life.

So there we have it! Splints, corsettes, hearing aids, maskers, diazapam, sleeping pills, braces, infusions, Botox...............WOW!...........I could go on for ever

To put it bluntly........NO THANX. I ll take the Tinnitus and learn to live with it.

And it can be done without any of the above treatments and dont let anyone tell you it cant. Tinnitus is in the mind. Thats what makes it so difficult to define. Unless your Tinnitus can be measured and the causes physically defined, you will have to start learning to accept it and live with it.

To achieve this, you need coaching. Thats why Tinnitus Re-Training is a good alternative to most of what I have described above.

Learning and understanding why you have Tinnitus is the first step you will have to take. Acting on the results is the key to success.

Feeding off your own success will mean "game, set and match"