Monday, September 25, 2006

Do You Need Tinnitus?

What? Noooo!!
Well, why then you still have it?
I tried all: medications, remedies...
Did you try to remove the cause?

I went through all diagnostic...they didn't find anything!

Are you happy with your life? I don't mean if your life is without worries, but do you think you are doing what's proper? What's proper for you...
Did you do anything wrong? Is this bothering you, or you are still continuing in wrong direction?

It's only about tinnitus...

Tinnitus can help you. Tinnitus is reminding you all the time that you have to consider some attitudes in your life. Why are you working? Do you do the proper things to people around you?

Psychosomatic Pain vs. Tinnitus

Pain is considered as a helpful sign in medicine. It tells us there is something wrong with our body or with our life...It suggests us to check and remove the cause.

Pain can be a consequence of a disease arising from the body or from environment (e.g. ear pain from noise).

All other causes of pain arising in person's relationships, memories, life attitudes...are referred as psychosomatic. Headache, migrain, stomach pain and backache are examples. Tinnitus - felt as pain or not - can fit in this group also.

These pains are not imaginary, they are true. If you feel tense, muscles will be tense and if this lasts for some time, the pain will be felt. Excessive activity of an auditory nerve caused by psychic tension is a physiological explanation for the tinnitus, where no other causes are found.

Have you ever experienced a headache after sitting in the front of a computer for a long time? I think that such a headache is a nice warning that you are doing something bad to your eyes and to your life maybe. Thus the solution (on a long term) is not in taking some analgesics, but to make a break, go to sleep or on a walk. And to consider - is it O.K. that I use computer so much?
And have you ever experienced your eardrum is twitching in an exciting situation where you were feeling that you were doing something wrong?