Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This and that

I was trying to find some definitions, causes...about tinnitus. I thought that I'll found one 'main' tinnitus site quick and will find all data there. But I didn't. There is one t. association here and another one over the sea, few forums, but I had a feeling that things are scattered around, not orginised.

If you are looking for diabetes, you'll find dozens of huge sites and forums with a lot of members. Maybe no real interest is out there for tinnitus. Maybe people just know...that they don't need this.

But I'm enjoying in discovering new things. I have almost a kind of mania to collect all info about some matter on one place -- and then introducing it to others...

On this point I'm asking contributors and visitors of this blog: What should a blog about tinnitus be? What should be it's goal?